Online Training on Professional Video Editing (Basic to Advance)

Learn Video Editing & Build your career

Online Training on Basic Professional Video Editing 

Content of the Course

Lesson 01: Touring Adobe Premiere 

  • Nonlinear editing in Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Expanding the workflow

  • Touring the Adobe Premiere Pro interface

  • Setting up a project

  • Setting up a sequence

Lesson 02: Importing Media

  • Importing assets

  • Working with the Media Browser

  • Importing images

  • The media cache

Lesson 03: Organizing Media

  • The Project panel

  • Working with bins

  • Organizing media with content analysis

  • Monitoring footage

  • Modifying clips

Lesson 04: Essentials of Video Editing

  • Using the Source Monitor

  • Navigating the Timeline

  • Essential editing commands

Lesson 05: Working with Clips and Markers

  • Program Monitor controls

  • Controlling resolution

  • Using markers

  • Finding gaps in the Timeline

  • Moving clips

  • Extracting and deleting segments

Lesson 06: Adding Transitions

  • What are the transitions?

  • Adding video transitions

  • Using A/B mode to fine-tune a transition

  • Adding audio transitions

Lesson 07: Putting Clips in Motion

  • Adjusting the Motion effect

  • Changing clip position, size, and rotation

  • Working with keyframe interpolation

  • Using other motion-related effects

Lesson 08: Editing and Mixing Audio

  • Setting up the interface to work with audio

  • Adjusting audio volume

  • Adjusting audio gain

  • Normalizing audio

  • Creating a split edit

Lesson 09: Adding Video Effects

  • Working with effects

  • Keyframing effects

  • Effects presets

  • Frequently used effects

Lesson 10: Color Correction and Grading

  • Color-oriented workflow

  • An overview of color-oriented effects

  • Fixing exposure problems

  • Fixing color balance

  • Specials color effects

  • Creating a look

Lesson 11: Creating Titles

  • An overview of the Titler window

  • Video typography essentials

  • Creating titles

  • Stylizing text

  • Working with shapes and logos

  • Making text roll and crawl

Lesson 12: Managing Your Projects

  • The File menu

  • Using the Project Manager

  • Final project management steps

  • Importing projects or sequences

  • Managing collaboration

  • Managing your hard drives

Lesson 13: Exporting Frames, Clips, and Sequences

  • Overview of export options

  • Exporting single frames

  • Exporting a master copy

  • Working with Adobe Media Encoder

Benefits of the Course

Every Participant Get Certificat 

Every Class Recording Providing  through Email 

Attend Class from anywhere 



Course Materials 


Course Delivery:

Blended Mode Trainers will deliver the sessions using Google Meet.


Participants will be awarded certificates by FBE, DIU.

Meet the Resource Person 

Mr. Shaik Md. Abdur Razzaque
Senior Assistant Director

Media Lab, Daffodil International University 

Course Information

13 Sessions in 1 month (Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday only)


November 22, to December 20, 2020


1. BDT 1,500 +(30tk Charge) only for General  

2. BDT 1000 +(20tk Charge) only for Daffodil Educational Network Students

Course Fee:

Mr. Tarekol Islam Sobuj (Cell: 01847-140059)
Mr. Obayed Chowdhury (01811458845)

Date & Time

November 22, 2020

Start - 9:00 PM Sunday

December 20, 2020

End - 10:30 PM Asia/Dhaka



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